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Apply a Schengen visa to Europe

posted Jun 23, 2012 22:16:22 by Dung
Schengen visa gives you the permission to travel in many European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany,...), including some non-EU countries such as Switzerland, but excluding UK. Usually, you can apply for a visitor visa or a tourist visa.
- Visitor visa: if someone in the above countries invites you and hosts your stay, you can apply for this visitor visa.
- Tourist visa: otherwise, you have to apply for the tourist visa. One requirement of this visa is that you have to book your hotels in EVERY single day you are in Europe.

In both case, they require that you book a two-way ticket, and hold a valid US visa until the end of your trip, so that you can reenter US. Things are more complicated when your US visa is expired. A.Tung Nguyen (07) has this trick which may be useful:
If your US visa is expired, you have to convince the European country' consulate that you WILL apply for US visa once you are in Europe; and if you ARE REJECTED, you WILL return to VN. You can do so by booking a full-refund ticket to VN, to show that you will not lengthen your stay in Europe. Once you get a new US visa, you can just return the ticket. Another tip: when you apply the US visa, you can also bring VEF's documents to ask for a fee waiver.
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