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Some interesting (non-technical) books

posted Jun 23, 2012 21:54:12 by Dung
This topic is to share your reading experience. I found that reading non-technical books greatly broaden my view on many things. These are the books that I found interesting:
1. How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie. A classic book, highly recommended.
2. Personal Development for Smart People , Steve Pavlina. The author of this book has a direct style which is quite engaging to me.
3. 201 Best Questions To Ask On Your Interview , John Kador. Books of this kind will help a lot in your job hunting.
4. The Procrastinator's Digest ,Timothy A. Pychyl. A very short book for procrastinators.
5. The Willpower Instinct , Kelly McGonigal. A professor in Stanford offers the course "The Science of Willpower", whose content is conveyed in this book.

Finally, just curious if someone succeeds with this book
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